Verivis helps companies and governments achieve success in a complex world

Field, military, and private-sector

Verivis and its personnel have worked heavily across the globe with the US Government, local governments, the United Nations, security agencies, and NGOs.

Global Networks of expertise

Verivis has developed broad networks throughout industries, universities, militaries, governments, and NGOs, both at home and abroad. These networks were built over decades of work in government and private sector areas, and provide Verivis with unique capabilities to accomplish our customers’ missions.

Track record of success

Verivis has consistently accomplished difficult tasks for high-level customers with critical missions, succeeding where others have failed.

Why Choose Us?

Depth of Experience

Verivis personnel have substantial experience in critical positions in governments, militaries, corporations, research institutions, and NGOs. Verivis is able to bring these expertises together into a close-knit team that can solve highly complex multi-modal problems while communicating effectively and clearly with clients.

Track Record of Success

Verivis has consistently succeeded where others have failed, providing excellent value and service to our clients even with the most difficult of missions. We always aim to maximize the return on investment for our customers, with fair pricing for services and reliability.

Professional team

The people of Verivis are not only talented in their areas of expertise, but in working with others to accomplish our clients goals. Verivis personnel have worked across the globe in multiple capacities, and are culturally aware, discreet, diplomatic, and sensitive to local customs and courtesies.